Join the NPLS Board of Directors
Board members play a critical role in moving any non-profit organization forward. At NPLS, we have openings for attorneys and client representatives to serve as board members. It is vital to NPLS that clients have a voice on our board to ensure quality services are provided to those in need. Client board members can expect to meet four times per year during their three-year term. Additional meetings are scheduled on an as-needed basis. Board meetings are convened throughout the NPLS service area.
The main responsibilities of board members include promoting the NPLS mission and purpose, planning and evaluating the organization’s work, and establishing policies to guide that work. All board members are ambassadors on behalf of NPLS helping to make our community in Northeastern, PA a better place to live and work.
Interested individuals may email Lori Molloy, NPLS Acting Executive Director at
Upcoming Meeting Dates:

Thursday, October 8, 2019 – Combined Exec. and Audit/Finance, teleconference
Thursday, October 17, 2019 – Board of Directors, in-person

Thursday, December 19, 2019 – Board of Directors, teleconference

For meeting details, contact Betsy Grbenick at

Current NPLS Board of Directors:

Gary Asteak, Esq.

Professional Affiliation: Asteak Law Offices

Appointing Organization: Northampton County Bar Association

Date Current Term Expires: 11/30/2020

Belief Statement: Gary has been on a lifelong passionate quest in the search for justice. Whether it be in criminal court, divorce court, or the Supreme Court, arguing with insurance adjusters, pleading with zoning hearing boards, or just talking common sense to a jury, he has never lost sight of that mission.

Steven T. Boell, Esq.

Professional Affiliation: Fitzpatrick, Lentz & Bubba - Shareholder

Appointing Organization: Lehigh County Bar Association

Date Current Term Expires: 9/30/2021

Belief Statement: As a student of history and the law, I believe that the cornerstone to a free and just society is access to quality legal counsel for all people regardless of economic status. As a member of this community and of the bar, it is my duty to protect that right and advocate for it to the best of my abilities.

Frank J. Bolock, Jr., Esq.

Professional Affiliation: Bolock Law

Appointing Organization: Lackawanna Bar Association

Date Current Term Expires: 11/30/2020

Belief Statement: It is my privilege to serve on the board of North Penn Legal Services. I began my legal career as a staff attorney with Northern Pennsylvania Legal Services and remain committed to the cause of equal access to justice.

Elizabeth Burton Nanovic, Esq.

Professional Affiliation: The Belt Law Firm

Appointing Organization: Pike County Bar Association

Date Current Term Expires: 3/31/2020

Belief Statement: I was a social worker before law school and enjoy helping those who are in need. I believe it is my duty as an attorney and a member of society.

D. Toni Byrd, Esq. (Vice President)

Appointing Organization: Lycoming Law Association

Date Current Term Expires: 9/30/2020

John J. McGovern, Jr., JD, CPA

Appointing Organization: Lackawanna Bar Association

Date Current Term Expires: 3/31/2022

JoanMarie Herczku

Appointing Organization: Harmonious Endeavors

Date Current Term Expires: 2/28/2019

Liza Lomonaco

Appointing Organization: Stroudsburg Wesleyean Church

Date Current Term Expires: 3/31/2019

Belief Statement: The reason that I became involved with NPLS is to find a means to address the issue of homelessness in our community. I believe arriving to the state of being homeless is and was always a multi-faceted process requiring a multidisciplinary approach towards a sustainable solution. I believe NPLS has the vantage point to be able to collaborate with other community resources within and around communities to help identify the underlying issues contributing to homelessness while maintaining respect for the individual's dignity. A unified approach maximizes sustainable outcomes for the individual and thus, our communities.

Constance Nelson, Esq. (President)

Appointing Organization: Bar Association of Lehigh County

Date Current Term Expires: 9/30/2021

A. Lisa Pierotti, Esq.

Professional Affiliation: Support Master - Luzerne County Domestic Relations Office

Appointing Organization: Luzerne County Law and Library Association

Date Current Term Expires: 5/31/2019

Belief Statement: I am committed to the premise that all individuals, no matter what their socioeconomic status in life, are entitled to fair and competent representation in legal matters and should have equal access to our justice system. I believe NPLS promotes that vision on a daily basis and I am honored to be a member of their Board.

Clara Smith (Secretary)

Appointing Organization: West End Christian Community Center

Date Current Term Expires: 5/31/2019

Fred N. Smith, Esq.

Appointing Organization: Bradford County Bar Association

Date Current Term Expires: 1/31/2021

Michael J. Vargo, Esq.

Professional Affiliation: Partner at Spitale Vargo Madsen & Blair

Appointing Organization: Northampton County Bar Association

Date Current Term Expires: 2/28/2021

Belief Statement: All attorneys have a moral and ethical responsibility to serve underprivileged and indigent clients. Although I directly serve such clients in my practice, I believe that I should do more. Serving on the Board of Directors of North Penn Legal Services is one additional step I have taken to help fulfill my duty to serve those who could not otherwise afford the assistance of an attorney.