Our Priorities for Services:

Preserving the Home
Preservation of the home is essential to the well-being of every person. NPLS gives priority to advocacy enabling families to avoid loss of their home through uninhabitability, eviction or foreclosure and helping families enjoy safe and secure housing whether threatened by on-going conditions in public or private housing or by natural disaster.

Support for Families
Families may be vulnerable to problems requiring legal assistance for their resolution. NPLS gives priority to advocacy which supports the integrity, safety, and well-being of the family. NPLS assists low-income individuals, including domestic violence victims, with advice, workshops, and representation when appropriate.

Maintaining and Enhancing Income and Economic Stability
Families must be economically viable in order to survive. The loss of a job may lead to a loss of housing, access to health care and even the break-up of the family. For workers who have lost their jobs or become disabled, or who otherwise are unable to obtain employment, establishing eligibility for public benefits may be the only way to preserve a source on income for the family. In other situations, often following illness and loss of employment, insurmountable debt may threaten basic economic security.

Safety, Stability and Well-Being
Domestic violence threatens the security and stability of families as does lack of access to health care.

Assistance to Populations with Special Vulnerabilities
Some individuals, often living outside the context of a family, may be especially vulnerable and may for a variety of reasons have difficulty fending for themselves. Access to legal assistance may be critical.