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Client Success Stories

Partial Physical Custody Obtained for Mother:  
Lisa, whose custody case was about to be scheduled for trial, contacted NPLS for help.  She had partial physical custody, but was not permitted to see her child for several months.  One of our staff attorneys reached an agreement with the other party, and Lisa was able to resume her periods of partial physical custody immediately.  
Client’s Debt Cleared—Harassing Phone Calls from Credit Card Company Averted:
Hector, who believed he had a consumer case, called NPLS’ helpline for assistance with his legal problem.  He was able to clear up most of his debt with the exception of one credit card.  Hector was then sued by that credit card company.  The complaint filed by the plaintiff had many errors and mistakes including inconsistencies in the amounts owed by defendant.  After challenging the complaint, our staff attorney obtained an order telling the credit card company to fix the complaint.  They never did, and while the claim is technically still open against Hector, the chance that the credit card company will pursue it now is minimal.
Protection For Abuse Order Granted—Safety for Mother and Children:
A NPLS Staff Attorney represented a client, Kim, who was a victim of domestic violence. Her former partner and the father of her children made attempts to take the children while in the custody of their mother, Kim.  Following a hearing, our staff attorney was able get a detailed final order of protection that included our client, Kim, and her young children.