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2020 marks the 9th year that Raise a Glass to Justice will benefit North Penn Legal Services. This is a great chance to relax after a long day of work (and raise a glass from home!), celebrate the important work of bringing civil legal justice to low-income people in Northeast PA, and most importantly, make a difference by supporting NPLS. 

Criminal arrests and convictions have long been barriers to employment, housing, and education. Getting these arrests and convictions expunged or sealed has also been a barrier. Court debt such as fines, fees, and costs has prevented otherwise qualified individuals from cleaning up their criminal record and moving on with their lives.

NPLS wishes to recognize our many pro bono volunteers who take the time to represent clients in civil legal cases, participate in clinics, and serve as volunteers on our Board of Directors. Last year, 118 private attorneys accepted 369 pro bono cases for NPLS in Northeast Pennsylvania.

North Penn Legal Services has created a new YouTube channel to provide COVID-19 resources and much more. Below are some of the latest offerings. Visit our channel at

CDC Eviction Moratorium

As with many businesses and government agencies throughout the country, the Social Security Administration (SSA) has had to make many changes to its operations due to the widespread impacts of COVID-19. These changes have been evolving over time and are subject to change quickly.

When you watch a crime show or read a mystery book, you realize the detectives are always looking for evidence. They talk to potential suspects and look over paperwork. They review everything very closely and, over time, put the pieces together to come to a conclusion.