News Happy Pro Bono Week!

Happy Pro Bono Week!

PBI, PBA and PLAN are pleased to honor Pennsylvania pro bono volunteers with the release of 10 one-hour free CLE videos offering training for lawyers taking a pro bono case from any legal aid, county bar or other poverty law organization.  A list of the ten CLE programs is attached along with a letter from the Presidents of the three sponsors.  These ten videos allow pro bono volunteers to get free online CLE from the comfort of their office desks while gaining valuable insight into a variety of common pro bono matters.

We are excited to announce the release of 10 one-hour videos offering practical and reliable training for lawyers taking a pro bono case from North Penn Legal Services.  These programs focus on areas of practice needed by many pro bono counsel, making it quick and easy to take on new clients.  A list of the programs is enclosed.

The videos were produced by PBI in partnership with the PBA and PLAN (PA Legal Aid Network). 

There will be no cost to any pro bono attorney to watch these videos (one per client) and you will receive one CLE credit for each program.  The videos will be distributed by PBI through local legal aid programs and other pro bono providers (including county bars and stand-alone programs).

Each video begins with an introduction by Chief Justice Thomas Saylor.   The Chief Justice notes in his remarks that “… this training program facilitates a valuable service for citizens that only lawyers can provide and that is consistent with our professional obligations.”   He goes on to lay out the intent of the videos, to assist pro bono lawyers “in representing a client in a matter that may be outside your regular areas of practice.”

The videos, along with extensive written materials available online, are available now.   They represent the three foundations of any successful pro bono effort – the hard work and expertise of legal aid professionals, support of the organized Bar, and the volunteer efforts of practicing lawyers!

If  you are an NPLS pro bono attorney, we can give you the code to watch an ethics video--that's one hour of ethics credit--for FREE! That's just for being one of our partners in access to justice. Contact Vicki Coyle at to get the information.

We are excited about this CLE video project.  We hope that it helps expand our pool of volunteer attorneys and renders them even more prepared to provide quality services.