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Join the NPLS Board of Directors

Join the NPLS Board of Directors
Board members play an important role in supporting the work of our agency. At NPLS, we have openings for client representatives to serve as board members.  
We want clients to have a voice on our board to help us provide the best services we can to our client base.  As a client board member, you can expect to meet 4 times per year. Two of those meetings are in person and are usually held at, or near, our Pittston office.  If transportation is an issue, we’ll arrange a ride for you to attend those board meetings and we will pay your mileage if you drive yourself.
Each board member is responsible for reading the meeting materials, helping the staff make important decisions, and deciding on policies that guide our work. All board members are ambassadors of NPLS and help to preserve access to justice for low income people in northeastern Pennsylvania.
If you are interested, or need more information, please email Vicki Coyle, NPLS Executive Director at