News NPLS Releases 2014-15 Annual Report

NPLS Releases 2014-15 Annual Report

We are pleased to release our FY 2014-15 Annual Report - CLOSING THE JUSTICE GAP.  

Sixty-one million Americans - nearly one in five people - qualify for civil legal assistance.  This is true in Pennsylvania as well.  North Penn Legal Services helps people who live in households with annual incomes at or below 125% of the federal poverty guidelines.  In 2014, that amounts to a mere $14,588 per year for an individual, or $29,813 for a family of four.  

Our clients come from every ethnicity and age group.  They include the working poor, families with children, veterans, homeowners and renters, people with disabilities and the elderly.  Some 70% are women with children.  Of those who qualify, 50% are turned away due to lack of resources.  

In NPLS' service area there are 326,439 people who qualify for low-income legal services.  With only 30 lawyers on staff, one out of every two clients is turned away because of inadequate staffing and resources.