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In 1981, the Social Security Administration (SSA) increased the frequency of continuing disability reviews (CDRs) for SSI and SSDI recipients to every three years. SSA claimed that they were only trying to manage costs of the program by making sure that people who were not disabled were terminated from the program at appropriate times.

Just when you thought your debt issue was behind you, you open your mail and find a letter from your former creditor stating that they reported the forgiven income to the IRS and now you must do the same. While this seems extremely unfair, there are tax consequences for forgiven debt. The amount forgiven is counted as income.

COVID-19 UPDATE: NPLS offices, including the new MLP office, are now closed to the public, as per Governor Wolf’s emergency order. WE ARE STILL OPEN TO SERVE OUR EXISTING CLIENTS by phone, email and text.

Join us for Raise a Glass to Justice to benefit North Penn Legal Services. This is a great event for networking, a chance to relax after a long day at work, and most importantly, a way to make a difference.

October 20-26 is the National Celebration of Pro Bono and NPLS wishes to recognize our many pro bono volunteers who take the time to represent clients in civil legal cases, participate in clinics, and serve as volunteers on our Board of Directors. Last year, pro bono attorneys and paralegals at NPLS helped clients with 782 legal cases in Northeast Pennsylvania.