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Basic Landlord - Tenant Resources

Are you renting your house, apartment, or mobile home?  What are your rights and duties as a tenant?   What is the eviction process?  What are your options if the landlord won’t make necessary repairs? How do you get your security deposit back after you move out?
It is important for tenants to understand their rights and responsibilities when renting to avoid being evicted or owing money to a landlord. Landlords must take tenants to court to evict them and cannot lock tenants out or turn off the heat, electricity or water. Read more about tenants’ rights and responsibilities in the frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.s) section or in the other housing resources.
Other Resources:
Pennsylvania Assistive Technology (PATF)  For people with disabilities, assistive technology can be vital to achieving independence. The Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation (PATF) offers affordable options for people with disabilities and older adults to acquire assistive technology through provision of low interest loan and mini loan programs. The foundation can offer assistance to individuals in Pennsylvania regardless of disability diagnosis, age of onset, county of residence, age, or income level as long as they are willing and able to repay a loan. For more information, visit You can also contact LVCIL Community Support coordinator Rebecca Strobel at 610-770-9781 x153 or
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