Find Civil Legal Aid Utilities


If a utility company is threatening to shut off your service, has already shut off your service, or is refusing to give you service, we may be able to help.  Utilities might include electricity, water, and gas.  If you are behind in payments, there are programs available to help you pay your monthly bill if you qualify.  It's very important that you understand your rights as a utility customer especially if you have medical problems that could be made worse by a lack of electricity, heat, or water.  Your options might include repayment agreements, filing a complaint with the Public Utility Commission, bankruptcy, or a medical certification. 

If it is your landlord who turns off your utilities rather than the utility company, we may be able to assist you.  If you discover that you are paying for utillity service in areas outside of your rental unit like a hallway or in your neighbors' unit, you should contact your utility company and we may also be to help. 

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