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The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled in 1973 that residential leases are considered consumer transactions. That doesn’t seem like a big deal to us today, but back then it was a big shift in real estate law. Real estate law developed from English common law to define the relationship between landlords and tenants. Before the industrial revolution, most of those tenants were tenant farmers, and the relationship included money and crops to the landlord in return for the right to farm the land for a period of years.

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Board members play an important role in supporting the work of our agency. At NPLS, we have openings for client representatives to serve as board members.  
Congratulations to the City of Allentown for getting behind Mayor Pawlowski’s initiative to “Ban the Box!” This is a terrific collaboration demonstrating how local government can work together to promote the best interests of the people living within its boundaries. 

Across the country, fair housing organizations, community justice and advocacy groups, along with federal and state housing agencies recognize April as Fair Housing Month. On April 11, 1968, the Federal Fair Housing Act was enacted. The Fair Housing Act prohibited discrimination in the rental, purchase and financing of dwellings based on race, color, national origin and religion. Each year thereafter, we commemorate the efforts to outlaw discrimination in housing and ensure equal enjoyment of housing opportunities to all.

Congratulations to North Penn Legal Services Staff Attorney Jennifer L. Heverly on being recognized by Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network (PLAN) with a 2015 Excellence Award.