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On May 1, NPLS conducted a fair housing training for PA State Legislators and their staff at our Bethlehem Office.  NPLS Executive Director Victoria Coyle gave a brief overview about our history and services.  Her remarks were followed by NPLS Managing Attorney Leah Finlayson who spoke about the direct service work and outreach activities that our staff offer clients and the community.  A 3-minute fair housing video (filmed by PBS39) was shown to give a client perspective to the fair housing work that we do.

As of July 28, our new address will be 559 Main Street, Suite 100, Bethlehem, PA 18018.  This is a second floor suite at the corner of Broad and Main Streets in the Main Street Commons building.  All of our phone and fax numbers will be the same.
While many people understand the overall premise of the Fair Housing Act, some people are surprised by what specific actions are considered discriminatory.  You may know that national origin is a protected class under the Fair Housing Act, but you may not be aware of the various ways in which discrimination occurs.  For example, not many people realize that treating a tenant differently because of the smell of the food they cook is a violation of the Fair Housing Act.
NPLS Fair Housing 3-minute video

Federal, state and local laws promote fair housing and prohibit housing discrimination.

Paul Ryan speaks to our need to develop a “civil society” and to “resuscitate our culture” as a way of reducing reliance on the government to fix urban blight. He urges people to take action when they have driven past a blighted area on their way to a sporting event at a downtown venue.  Of course, he doesn’t give an example of how that blight is to be remedied, other than perhaps giving to a “religious charity” or “whatever.”
Since 2009, homeowners facing foreclosure or seeking relief from predatory loans have attempted to navigate the Making Home Affordable Program (HAMP), dealing with their lender or servicer to seek a modified loan when possible. On February 14, 2014, The New York Times reported that complaints by homeowners were on the rise, citing miscalculated fees, wrongful evictions and more shoddy paperwork by mortgage servicers, such as Nationstar and Ocwen. Silver-Greenberg, Jessica and Corkery, Michael.