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Prospective homeowners must be concerned with their credit scores and credit history. Credit scores affect our ability to obtain credit and the cost of insurance, for example. On September 7, 2017, Equifax announced what is widely regarded as the biggest data breach in American History. The company disclosed that its computer records had been compromised, exposing the personal information of 143 million U.S.

If you are a realtor or just placing an ad to share your house or apartment, it’s your responsibility to avoid discriminatory advertising. But are you paying attention to how you word your listing? Perhaps you should take a closer look!

You’ve moved into your dream home with lots of space all around. In fact, there’s an empty lot right next door. You like the space that gives you, but, honestly, you’d be happier if someone would buy it and build a home. It would be nice to have another family in the neighborhood. There’s also that empty two-story building a few blocks down the street.

Congratulations to Suzanne Moschini, a paralegal from our Bethlehem office, for being selected to receive the 2018 Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network Excellence Award. Since 2003, these annual awards have honored members and friends of the legal aid community who exemplify excellence in their commitment and accomplishments as advocates for low-income people.

  • Recognition for Dedication to Pro Bono Service

Congratulations to all these attorneys from the Middle District, and especially to NPLS attorneys James A. Butz, John A. Byrd, Jennifer L. Heverly, and Caitlin M. Humphreys, who have dedicated their time and talent to providing pro bono services to low-income clients. You give meaning to “access to justice for all.” Thank you!

  • NPLS Presentation to Head Start Staff
    NPLS Presentation to Head Start Staff

NPLS staff shared an overview of services to Head Start staff from Snyder, Union, Northumberland, Montour, and Mifflin Counties today in Lewisburg (Union County). Attorney Paige Martineau did a presentation on family and landlord/tenant law and paralegal Bill McLaughlin did a presentation on welfare law.

Thanks to Paige and Bill for the well-received presentations!