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In order to effectively serve over 300,000 eligible low-income people in our 20-county service area, we need your help. Unfortunately, NPLS is currently meeting only small fraction of the legal needs of low-income people in Northeastern Pennsylvania.
Our staff works tirelessly on behalf of low-income people to ensure they have equal access to justice. Last year, we provided services that helped nearly 15,130 people. 
When you make a gift to North Penn Legal Services, you join with others in supporting our efforts to provide high quality legal services to Northeast Pennsylvania’s low-income communities. We appreciate your interest and invite you to contact us to learn more.
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Donate Your Arbitration Fees to NPLS
For more information on how to donate your arbitration fees to North Penn Legal Services, please contact Vicki Coyle, Executive Director at
Direct Cy Pres Funds (Class Action Residuals) to NPLS
The Cy Pres doctrine is a method of distributing a damage fund when the original purpose cannot be achieved. In class action lawsuits, if a payment of damages is to be made to class members, a fund is created. After class members’ claims are paid, a residual amount may remain, and under the doctrine of cy pres, judges and class counsel can recommend that residual funds be distributed to the “next best” use. In addition, when the amount of damages to each individual class member is too small to warrant distribution, the cy pres remedy can be used for the entirety of a statutory damage award. The concept of a cy pres award is that money will go to support a charitable purpose that is closely related to the underlying purpose of the litigation that created the award.
Because it benefits those most likely to be unrepresented or underrepresented in the justice system, North Penn Legal Services is an appropriate recipient of cy pres funds. In addition, the work of North Penn Legal Services benefits the broader society by ensuring that the justice system itself remains fair and equitable.
For more information on cy pres awards, please contact Vicki Coyle, Executive Director at