Planned Giving

Create a plan for the future with planned giving to North Penn Legal Services. Your future, the future of your loved ones, and the future of legal aid and available justice for all are part of planned giving, and by making a contribution to justice, you are also making a contribution to yourself.
Planned giving is something to think about at any time of your life, whether you are single, married, supporting a family, working, or retired. Any charitable gift that requires forethought and planning is a form of planned giving, and each type of gift offers its own special benefits. With planned giving, you can maximize these benefits and provide for your loved ones through advantageous tax treatment under state and federal law. 
By giving to North Penn Legal Services, you will help us to achieve our goals by helping the people of northeast Pennsylvania stay together with their families, job-ready, and secure in their homes.
Please consider including us in your plans and making a gift to legal aid and justice for all. Contact Sean Morrow, Grants and Communications Manager at, to discuss planned giving.